Meetali Singh


I did my B.Sc. at University of Delhi, New Delhi in Biomedical Sciences. After that, I joined Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore for an Integrated Ph.D. program in 2009. After five lab rotations in various departments in biological sciences division of IISc and exploring diverse fields ranging from crystallography to ecological sciences, I joined Department of Biochemistry for my MS project in the lab of Prof. Utpal Tatu and worked on the chaperone Hsp90’s role in Plasmodium falciparum’s life cycle. I continued my Ph.D. in the same lab while trying to address the evolution of Hsp90 complex and its function in primitive protozoa, primarily using parasites like Entamoeba, Trichomonas and Theileria as model. One interesting class of Hsp90 clients are Argonaute proteins which have multi-faceted roles just like Hsp90 and can regulate various cellular processes by micro or small RNA pathways.  Interestingly, in protozoa, RNAi machinery is either poorly studied or is completely absent in some organisms. This invoked my interest in small-RNA biology, and this was when I was introduced to the work of the Cecere laboratory. I joined the Cecere lab in 2017 as post-doc at Institut Pasteur. I am investigating the role of endo-siRNAs in gene regulation of C. elegans germline transcripts during development by integrating proteomic, biochemical, and high-throughput genomic approaches. 
You can download my CV here