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Nice collaboration with the Iovino Lab. We performed GRO-seq during zygotic genome activation in Drosophila embryos

Cecere G. Small RNAs in epigenetic inheritance: from mechanisms to trait transmission. FEBS Lett. 2021 Oct 20. doi: 10.1002/1873-3468.14210. Review.

Free online text

Rhoades N, Nguyen TS, Witz G, Cecere G, Hammond T, Mazur AK, Gladyshev E. Recombination-independent recognition of DNA homology for meiotic silencing in Neurospora crassaProc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Aug 17;118(33):e2108664118. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2108664118.

A collaboration with Eugene Gladyshev Lab in Pasteur

Singh M, Cornes E, Li B, Quarato P, Bourdon L, Dingli F, Loew D, Proccacia S, Cecere G. Translation and codon usage regulate Argonaute slicer activity to trigger small RNA biogenesis. Nature Communications 12, 3492 (2021). 

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Sinha A, Baumgarten S, Distiller A, McHugh E, Chen P, Singh M, Bryant JM, Liang J, Cecere G, Dedon PC, Preiser PR, Ralph SA, Scherf A. Functional Characterization of the m6A-Dependent Translational Modulator PfYTH.2 in the Human Malaria Parasite. mBio. 2021 Apr 27;12(2):e00661-21.

A contribution from Meetali and Germano on ribo-seq to this interesting work from the Scherf lab.

Quarato P, Singh M, Cornes E, Li B, Bourdon L, Mueller F, Didier C, Cecere G. Germline inherited small RNAs clear untranslated maternal mRNAs in C. elegans embryosNature Communications 12, 1441 (2021).

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Barucci G, Cornes E, Singh M, Li B, Ugolini M, Samolygo A, Didier C, Dingli F, Loew D, Quarato P, Cecere G. Small-RNA-mediated transgenerational silencing of histone genes impairs fertility in piRNA mutants. Nature Cell Biology, 2020 22, 235–245.

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Featured as the issue cover.



Serrat X, Kukhtar D, Cornes E, Esteve-Codina A, Benlloch H, Cecere G, Cerón J. CRISPR editing of sftb-1/SF3B1 in Caenorhabditis elegans allows the identification of synthetic interactions with cancer-related mutations and the chemical inhibition of splicing. PLoS Genetics. 2019 Oct 21;15(10).

Collaborative project with the Ceron Lab.



Cecere, G.* and Grishok, A. RNA Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (RNA-ChIP) in Caenorhabditis elegans. Bio-protocol 2014, 4(24): e1358. Abstract Pdf

*corresponding author

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Comment in Gene expression: RNAi as a global transcriptional activator. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2014. 




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(F1000 Prime Recommendation)



Mansisidor A.R.*, Cecere G.*, Hoersch S., Jensen M.B., Kawli T., Kennedy L.M., Chavez V., Tan M., Lieb J.D. and Grishok A. A Conserved PHD Finger Protein and Endogenous RNAi Modulate Insulin Signaling in C. elegans. PLoS Genetics 7(9):2011. Abstract Pdf

*co-first authors 




Cecere G.*, Cogoni C.*. Quelling targets the rDNA locus and functions in rDNA copy number control. BMC Microbiology, 2009 Feb 25;9(1):44. Abstract Pdf

*co-corresponding authors

(Highly accessed articles) 




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*co-first authors 

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