September 2021

Excited to start a new academic year and the beginning of our ERC Consolidator Grant! Nothing can be better than our favourite Macaroons :) and a pleasant surprise the japanese juzu-sake...very delicious...a sort of japanese version of italian limoncello :D


Welcome to Névé! our new PhD student :) exciting discoveries will certainly come soon!!

August 2021

The incredible Hulk, Loan, is holding the whole lab during summer vacation.

loan RNA injection.jpg
RNA injection.jpg

Loan is injecting C. elegans with a sort of RNA vaccine. An empty Lab is the best moment to try new crazy experiments :)

The poor injected worm will recovery soon and make babies

July 2021

Bonnes vacances!!! :)


Of course the day before going on vacation our -80 decided to stop working as well...the rescue team, Germano, Meetali, and Max arrived just in time to move all the stuff ;)


Hosting my friend Harald, an awarded filmmaker, who was very curious to film the famous C. elegans: The love story of two worms


June 2021

Pier supervising Max first RNAi experiments :) it is always moving to observe the inheritance of RNAi


Meetali Paper is out in Nature Communications!! congratulation :)

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 14.29.37.png

May 2021

New Lab entry! Welcome to Max and good luck with your M1 internship :) 


Someone is teaching bruno to drink Mate :D


March/April 2021

Meetali is giving a virtual talk at the 15th Microsymposium on small RNAs in Vienna!!! Congrats Meetali :)

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.02.19.png
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.03.01.png

Victor Ambros asking questions to Meetali :) 

January/February 2021

Pier paper has been accepted on Nature Communications!!!! Congratulation Pier, great job!!!


December 2020

A difficult year living with a pandemic...but the end of the year reserved us the biggest happy surprise: We have been awarded the ERC consolidator grant!!!! more and more research for the next five year!!! so grateful to our Team and the European Research Council.

October/November 2020

a lot of deadlines.... 


September 2020

Pier is graduating!!! congrats!!!

August 2020

Summer Break....this year quite isolated :( Bruno will take care of the worms safely :)


July 2020

Pier is becoming a proficient bioinformatician by analysing SARS-CoV-2 small RNAs

June 2020

More SARS-CoV-2 turn out that is not so easy to extract small RNAs from human swab


May 2020

First small RNA sequencing from human samples infected with SARS-CoV-2!

Sequencing delivered with trotinette during the lockdown :)

April 2020

Given the lockdown we decided to use our knowledge on small RNAs to start a project on COVID-19 to try to help our human society


Germano is back to the lab to prepare the first small RNA library from SARS-CoV-2 infected human cells

March 2020

A virus called SARS-CoV-2 is going to change our life for a while....first lab lockdown and online lab meeting via ZOOM


February 2020

We made the cover!! The first work from the lab is finally published :)

Meanwhile Pier manuscript is published on Biorxiv! First Biorxiv paper from the lab :)


January 2020

First paper from the lab is ready to be out!!! and imaging assembly for a possible cover :)


ERC grant submission is approaching...

working on the acronym :)

December 2019

Giorgia graduation ceremony  and happy end of the year with the annual Christmas dinner :)


French restaurant always surprise you :DDD

November 2019

Somehow Germano turned 40 and received the best gift of the chair belonging to Francois Jacob office!!!!! :))))


October 2019

First graduate student from the Cecere Lab!!! Congratulation Giorgia!!!!

Everything starts with a piece of DNA...but RNA then?

Giorgia clearly enjoying unwrapping her gifts :)

First F1 graduated student :)

September 2019

Welcome to our super new technician LOAN....the CRISPR man :)

Meanwhile working hard on the revision of our first manuscript....will this cross work?

August 2019

Summer Break! Bruno will continue our experiment in the lab!! :)


Last day of Simone internship

discussing his results at the poster session 


Meetali first F1 student :)

Bravo to both of you!

July 2019

Welcome to Simone,

Amgen scholar summer student :)

One of the last rehearsal of the amazing Los Ceceritos for the farewell party of Pedro our unique Bass will be deeply missed :(


The stage is ready....

June 2019

Let's go to LA for the International Worm Meeting!!!

Beautiful SUN in LA at UCLA campus!!

Meetali and Eric enjoying American food :) 

Meetali with a special guest....Julie Claycomb :)

Pier and his poster on the role of CSR-1 in early embryos

Eric still enjoying a scientific discussion in front of his poster after poster session :)

Giorgia Talk was Amazing! :)


Well deserved show... the mythical and unique WORM SHOW!!!!

May 2019

Pier and I attended the Microsymposium on Small RNA Biology in Vienna, a fantastic meeting for PhD students and Postdocs...with an happy end :)

pier is ready.jpg
bruno computer.jpg

our "Bruno" computer is set!! :)

pier award.jpg

few minutes before Pier is going on stage :)

Here we go!

Big Congrats to Pier for receiving the best PhD presentation award along with two other amazing PhD students from Hannon and Bartel Labs!!!

Pier happiness :)

April 2019

The MOOC on Epigenetic is ready! Free registrations are open!


Final Shoot of the teaser for the MOOC

March 2019

Recording of the MOOC on Epigenetic organised by Pasteur

One of the fantastic speaker, Dr. Nicola Iovino,

 recording his lecture :)

View from the recording studio :)

Fantastic seminar by our invited speaker Laura Landweber! We love oxytricha :)

February 2019

Super fun week with two high-school students from Paris....learning worms and epigenetic inheritance in the Cecere Laboratory!!! 


time to open our worm factory!

January 2019

Let's start the 2019 with a new sequencing run! Capturing zygotic transcription in early embryo by GRO-seq :)


December 2018

Finally students from the Department will know what we are doing here :)


Happy end of the year Lab dinner with frozen margaritas and Mexican food! :)


November 2018

Very happy to host Serena Sanulli for a fantastic talk on phase-separation and HP1!!

Birthday Gift from the Lab... :)))


October 2018

A new project is born in occasion of our Departmental Retreat in October!!.....Los Ceceritos are ready to rock!!!!


finally I have a drum set in Pasteur :)

Last rehearsal before the concert!!

our song list...

some colleague provided the beers ;)


the stage is finally ready


1 sec before the start

August 2018

A new member of the Cecere Lab! I am sorry for the Drosophila that will escape from neighbor Lab, but it needs to eat! :)


July 2018

Goodbye to David, it was a pleasure to host you...and thank you for your gifts!!! :)


Bruno is always happy with food and drinks


F1 and F2 :)


maybe a sign to start studying fish! :)

June 2018

Giorgia presenting her project at the 20th small RNA microsymposium in Vienna 2018! congrats!



May 2018

Presenting some piRNA work at the Crick Institute in London for the 10th Anniversary Young Embryologist Network (YEN)!


Congrats to all the members of the YEN committee!!

April 2018

Welcome to our internship student David Benacom from ENS. Nice to have you in our team!!

Visit of the great fungal geneticist Claudio Scazzocchio! always a pleasure and inspiring having you around :)

Past, present and future :)

Beautiful spring sunset from our lab!! (no filter!)

March 2018

Our first book for kids is out! amazing collaboration between our lab, the author of the book Victor Coutard, and the amazing artist Pooya Abbasian. The book signing was fun too!! :)

Fantastic Departmental PI Retreat, great science and fun time! :) 

Happy Women Day in Pasteur!

January - February 2018

Snow in Beautiful!

December 2017

3rd Lab Christmas dinner - Delicious neapoletan pizza in Ménilmontant @ Popine :)

November 2017

My second birthday in the lab! ;)

October 2017

Happy Birthday to Stéphanie our administrative assistant, with an amazing chocolate cake!

Eric collecting (or literally sucking!) Oocytes and Embryos for sequencing! :)

September 2017

Happy anniversary to Germano, 2 years at Institut Pasteur!

Goodbye to Aleksei, our Amgen Summer Student! you are going to be missed!!! 

August 2017

Goodbye to our special summer students Gabby and Zoe from Stanford! it was so much fun to have you here!

last bleaching gift to Zoe from our worms :) Artwork T-shirt from Gabby :)

Pier is proud of his 2-cell fluorescent embryo movie :) Zygotic life just started on the slide of the microscope!

July 2017

Welcome to Gabby and Zoe from Stanford University Summer Program

Welcome to Aleksei for his Amgen Summer Program. it is so inspiring to have a mathematician in the lab!

June 2017

Chairing the session of small RNAs at the International Worm Meeting (IWM2017)....Q/A with nobel prize line up!!! :)  Ph: Marie-Anne Felix

May 2017

Congratulation to Pier for winning the Best poster for PhD at the Departmental retreat!!!! :)

Pier Enjoying his prize! :D

Beautiful bike trip at the Departmental Retreat!!! 

First Lab Group photo at the Retreat! :)


coffee break and scientific discussion between Giorgia, Eric and Nicola from the Navarro Lab at the EMBO transcription meeting!!! :)

Giorgia and Eric Poster session at the EMBO transcription meeting!!! :)

Giorgia, Eric and I heading to Heidelberg for the EMBO transcription meeting!!! :)

April 2017

Pier attended the EMBO workshop on Zygotic transcription with a successful poster! :)

in preparation for the Departmental retreat! :D

January 2017

Welcome to Meetali our new Postdoc from India!! :)

December 2016

Our MiniSeq illumina sequencer just arrived!!! a lot of fun :)

November 2016

Giorgia succesful performed the first iCLIP of PRG-1 !!! :)

September 2016

First massive RNA-seq libraries preparation :)

Martino presenting his poster for the AMGEN program ending cerimony  

August 2016

Pier succeeded in doing the PRO-seq! :) 

Welcome to Raphael our Artist in residency!! a lot of fun just the wall of fame for worms :) 

July 2016

Our first Lab picnic!!! 

Welcome to Ben and Martino, summer students from Yale University and Normale di Pisa! and welcome to Blaise our Bioinformatician :)

April 2016

Eric has been awarded with the Postdoctoral fellowship Pasteur Canterini! big congrats!!!!

March 2016

Pier Joined the Lab for his Master exchange program...he will start his PhD in October 2016!! :)

The worm sorter is here!!! :)

February 2016

              ERC starting grant award!! :)

Eric Birthday....first birthday in the lab! :)

Giorgia interview for the Pasteur PhD program (PPU)....she will succeed in getting into the PhD program starting from October 2016

double rainbow view from my office :)

January 2016

Eric our first postdoc joined our lab! :)

First plate of wild type N2 worm at Pasteur....and more plates to come! :)

The Cecere Lab officially started on the 5th floor of Monod building! :)

November 2015

Bruno joined the Cecere Lab! :)

September 2015

I arrived at Institut Pasteur to set up the Cecere Laboratory with our lab manager Celine! :)