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Giorgia Barucci
PhD student




I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology in 2013 at the University of Bologna. After that, I proceeded my academic studies with the Master in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology and I graduated in 2015 at the University of Bologna.

During these years, I have developed a deep interest in the field of small RNAs and RNA Interference that I have deepened in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Mario Halic (Gene Center, Munich) during my internship for the Master thesis preparation. Specifically, the aim of my project was to characterize the structure of one of the essential enzymes in small RNAs biogenesis, called Dicer, to better elucidate its molecular function, using the yeast as model.

Thank to this internship, I became fascinated with epigenetic mechanisms and in particular I am currently interested in studying the relationship between small RNAs and RNAi machinery and epigenetic inheritance during the animal development. For this reason, I decided to join the Cecere Laboratory at the Institut Pasteur for my PhD.

My PhD project will concern the investigation of the role of small RNAs in the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Regarding my ‘non-scientific’ interests, in my free time I like exploring Paris!


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